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Te Huarahi : A Powerful Shift

4 February, 2023

Kia ora.

 There is a quiet but powerful shift that is happening as people are seeking to tap into their personal growth, life purpose, balance, energy and happiness.

All over the world, people are taking the courageous step to connect with their own inner truth, and are experiencing the transformative learning that comes from the wisdoms of the ancient and living indigenous cultures of this earth.

By opening up to wisdom through exploring written texts or watching and learning from those you admire, or listening to talks from many different people on life matters, you move towards a greater understanding of the miracles of life.  By taking responsibility for your own self-care as a result, you become energized to pursue your deepest desires and your highest potential, and often will find you can give back so much more to the people and the world around you.

Te Ara in Māori means The Path, and it is the pathways for your life that you discover through life coaching.

He aha te huarahi?  I runga i te tika, te pono me te aroha

What is the pathway?  It is doing what is right, with integrity and compassion

I came across this reminder when I was sorting some documents recently:

You know it really doesn’t take any more time to get it right the first time than it does to getting it wrong. Let’s make certain we choose to do things right – the first time. One of the great adventures of life is finding that right path, and making the most of our contributions, so we can make a difference in our own lives, and the lives of others. If you’re not on the right path, turn around and get back on track. If you are, press ahead. If you don’t know if you’re on the right path, stop, evaluate your position, seek guidance and get yourself into gear and head towards your goals by choosing the right path to follow with integrity and compassion. Kia pai tõ wiki! ~  Manu Ao

Begin now.

Claire Porima Coaching.