Coaching overview

We all get stuck. We encounter or resist change. Conflict occurs. Workplace challenges arise.  Annual performance reviews loom.  Things don’t flow. We wake some days feeling an annoying shade of beige. Choices need to be made. We are in a sweat at 2am over where the next contract or client or sale will come from so we can keep the business afloat and the team thriving.

Coaching is the alternative to ‘knuckling down and getting on with it”. When we struggle on alone, this can lead to high stress levels, illness, conflict, negative relationships and loss of productivity. Coaching is for you to explore, understand and apply new concepts to your everyday living to bring about greater certainty and long term success and happiness.

Transformational Coaching acknowledges that we are all multi dimensional (mind, body, spirit, soul).

You will explore your deepest sense of your values, needs, and goals. Your ultimate desire is to live and work in a way that is absolutely true to you, and that gives your life, business, and career meaning and purpose.  When it is  not working out this way, you are the kind of person who is committed to doing something about it.  You are ready to get back onto a strong path, with a clear direction, and a purposeful road map.

There is an energy that comes from going through this process as you align with what is most important to you.  This will happen at your pace, and yet you also enjoy being challenged intellectually and practically so you are constantly learning and then applying new ideas immediately.

It is not only the goals we work with in coaching, but also the process that leads you there.

You are prepared to talk about what matters most, and you are open to new perspectives and new ways of doing things.  Research shows that individuals who meet regularly with a coach show increased improvement in reaching their goals over those that do not.  Many of my clients report experiencing a strengthening of their relationships within family/whānau, in the workplace, and in the wider community.

Coaching is an opportunity to access your inner wisdom in a non-judgmental, confidential relationship, and as your Coach, my commitment is to hold you accountable and on course with your goals (even as these change over time).

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