About Claire


I bring a coaching model drawn from Aotearoa/New Zealand, and from  other cultures and belief systems that have particular relevance in today’s complex, multi-cultural society.

I believe in creating a legacy for the future exemplified by our actions and how we serve others.  It may be in creating a home life that supports and nurtures us and our whānau/families, or in building careers and businesses that flourish and provide  fulfilment or a strong sense of purpose, or creating spiritual, physical,  financial or other security for ourselves and the generations following us.


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Currently, as well as running my own Business and Life Coaching Practice, I am the Coach/Consultant in Otago and Southland for Career Partners International which  involves coaching executives from many different organisations, and facilitating leadership, teamwork, career transition, retirement, and business startup workshops around the region.  As a Te Aka Coach with the Māori Women’s Development Incorporation (MWDI) I work with Māori women from around the country who are developing businesses and growing professional careers.  I provide Executive Coaching for Otago Polytechnic senior leaders.  I Chair the Otago/ Southland Māori Business Network KUMA (Te Kupeka Umaka Māori ki Araiteuru), and I am one of three in the Governance Group for Audacious, the student startup programme at Otago University and Polytechnic.  I also serve in a voluntary capacity as a member of the University of Otago’s Ethical Behaviour Policy which contributes support services as part of the Healthy University initiative.

I am particularly passionate about supporting Māori women navigate their way through, and flourish in sustainable businesses and careers.


These varied roles have polished the knowledge and experiences essential to being an effective, highly skilled coach.

I appreciate and understand the layers of complexity in organisations and the expectations on people at all levels of management. This is a major asset when working through professional, personal and career coaching challenges with my clients, and facilitating leadership and team building sessions.

My career experiences have honed the qualities necessary for masterful coaching: empathy, intuition, respect, and enhanced self awareness.


It is important you have a Life or Executive Coach with coach-specific training.  I give my clients the best support possible drawing on my training in evidence-based coaching practices and supervised clinics.  I hold a Transformational Life Coaching Diploma from Australia’s internationally renowned Nature Care College in Sydney. This Diploma incorporated Holistic Counselling and Transpersonal Psychology.

I had intensive training in ritual and ceremony, spiritual emergency and emergence, and transpersonal counselling before taking part in a Vision Quest (a Native American Indian process of spiritual, mental and physical growth and connection with the transcendent).

I continue with my own personal, spiritual, and professional development through ongoing study with coaching organisations, and connection, collaboration, and sharing of resources with other professionals locally and internationally.

You can get in touch with me via the contact page.

Claire Porima, Director & Principal Coach

My mission is to make a measureable difference in people’s lives.


Nei te uri o Tainui.

Ko Pirongia te maunga, ko Waipa te awa, ko Ngāti Hikairo te hapū.

Mine has been a journey of weaving different perspectives and world views into the fabric of my life.  I trace my ancestry to the Tainui waka.  My ancestors lived in the area around Kawhia, near the mountain called Pirongia, close to the Waipa river.


  • BA Hons (Otago)
  • Diploma Transformational Life Coaching; Certificate Holistic Counselling (Nature Care College, Sydney)
  • Certificate Conflict Management Coaching (CINERGY™)


  • International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • ICF Australasia (NSW branch)
  • LEADR NZ (Association of Dispute Resolvers)
  • Chair, Te Kupeka Umaka Māori ki Araiteuru, KUMA, Māori Business Network
  • Ethical Behaviour Network, University of Otago, NZ
Claire Porima Coaching.