Happy Clients

My clients will tell you more than I can about the impact coaching has had for them while working with me.  Have a read:

Bridget (Ngati Hauiti), Business Owner

‘The support that I was given was fundamental to making my business and personal growth sustainable. Claire coached me in a way that gave me perspective and curiosity to keep asking myself questions, rather than seeking answers. Because of that, my sense of connection to both my whakapapa and the legacy I want to create, has been able to grow exponentially as a wahine in pakihi.’ Bridget Watson (Ngāti Hauiti), Trusting Vulnerability, Workplace Communication Workshops for Young Professionals

Sarah, Managing Director (Dunedin)

I came to coaching to try and find more balance in my life. Between a C-level role at work, two young children, friends, family, hobbies etc I was doing a lot of things that I enjoyed, but not always feeling enjoyment. I had been experiencing increased stress and feelings of anxiety and frustration, but I didn’t know how to find a path toward a more relaxed approach. Working with Claire, she gave me hands on practical advice and suggestions of “experiments” I could try to improve my work/life balance, plus a deep emotional understanding of what I was experiencing. With her encouragement, reassurance, ideas, knowledge and care I have experienced a huge amount of change this year. I am now feeling much more in control of, and in touch with, my feelings, and much more balanced and happy.

Dr MG, Medical Professional (Dunedin/Auckland)

I began working with Claire soon after moving to Dunedin to apply for a spot in a highly competitive training program. I was looking for a personal and professional coach as I was feeling a lot of doubt, frustration, and low self confidence in my abilities.
I have extensive experience with personal development, and know the importance of finding a Coach who can help provide support, ideas, inspiration and act as a sounding board during the journey. First and foremost, Claire is an incredibly warm, caring and empathetic person. I felt I could speak to her about anything. I enjoyed our sessions because I was able to open up about my professional struggles and could get ideas on how to move past each challenge.
Claire allowed me to steer the direction of our sessions, while also providing wisdom, resources and ideas for concepts we had covered. I always came away from each session with her feeling invigorated and positive about the future.
I am proud to say that I achieved my goal and have been accepted onto the training program. This was an incredibly important goal that I have been working towards for four years,  and Claire played an important role in preparing me in the months leading up to the application.

TD, Trustees Executors (Dunedin)

“Loved it!  Thank you so much for your time, one of the best courses/seminars I have been to” [*Fit for the Future Workshop].

Cadbury/Mondalez (Dunedin)

“…  fantastic to partner with for the co-design and delivery of our Career Transition programme*.

“… great listener , approachable, very flexible and accommodating, quick to take action and operate in a truly collaborative partnership. .. seeks to understand your business and the unique challenges and opportunities that present and is unfazed by a fast-paced, changing environment. … will work with you to design and deliver solutions which not only meet, but exceed expectation.
… highly experienced, knowledgeable specialist and it has been a pleasure to work with (Claire).”

* a 8-month career transition programme, engaging with 300+ staff in 1:1 Coaching sessions, and facilitating 60+ workshops

Steph, Finance Manager (Central Otago)

“Wow.  I am doing awesomely and am amazed how I have changed in less than six months – THANK YOU.  I have:

  • started a new job (really enjoying the low stress of it)
  • been on holiday
  • used our techniques from our coaching sessions to stay interested in my thought processes, and not stress
  • purchased a rental property – wow.

And, I have much more confidence which is showing through on all fronts of my life.  THANK YOU.”

Hinepreneur (Christchurch)

“Having a step by step business coaching programme to work through was vital to my business review.  I was able to identify working with a Māori woman business mentor.  Identifying the processes to work to the goal of a business launch really helped clarify for me what I wanted to achieve and also what I needed to do to get there.  I really appreciated having professional coaching that I now realise is critical starting up a business as a solo-preneur.”

Bella Tait, Whānau Enterprise; Kaitiaki Manutataki; Trustee (Rotorua)

“This was my first coaching experience I’ve ever had which I found really challenging and incredibly rewarding.  Even when I wasn’t prepared and/or not feeling like it – I would be thankful for Claire’s ability to focus me on what I needed to discuss or resolve in that space and moment.  A gentle, highly intelligent, insightful and professional woman whom I would happily share many more discussions with.”

M, Hinepreneur, Photographer (Dunedin)

“This has been a huge growth curve as a Māori business woman in particular. I really wanted to work with a Māori business coach who would understand my perspective on my culture, whānau commitments, and life experience.

My time with Claire has been empowering and inspiring. It allowed me to take my expertise from a hobby into a fledging business. Compared with six months ago, I was not invoicing, and had no professional presence. I now have a logo, online presence, invoicing templates and systems set up to charge people and track finances.

Through Claire’s mentoring and coaching, I now have the confidence to state ‘I am a photographer’ and actually believe it and be it.

Claire has an easily achievable step by step programme for business development, full of resources that support me to grow my business.  I value immensely the combination of coaching/mentoring with practical resources which have given me the confidence to use and then adapt to suit me.

Our mentor/mentee relationship has been instrumental in my success, and, with ongoing coaching, I know my business will continue to grow.”

C.R., Senior Manager (Dunedin)

“Te Ara Pathways resources and Claire Porima in particular were an invaluable support for me during a period of some serious professional challenges.  With Claire’s help I developed a range of strategies to manage difficult times.  At the same time she challenged my reactions to the situation and helped me put things in perspective.  Getting balance in my life – which seems a bit of a given, as well as having some confidence that I wasn’t making bad decisions, were the reassuring bonuses of my conversations with Claire.  She sent me back into the world in one piece and much more resilient that I was when I started coaching with her 10 weeks earlier.  I absolutely have no hesitancy in recommending Te Ara Pathways to anyone.”

Heather Devere, PhD, Peace and Conflict Studies, Otago University

“Claire Porima is a skilled and intelligent analyst and knowledgeable practitioner, insightful, respectful and has excellent communication skills.  Claire combines knowledge of psychological principles with her natural intuition to establish an atmosphere of safety and trust.  Claire is a consummate professional coach as she provides the opportunity for people to work out their own solutions to the problems with which they are faced.  This is a very valuable service for people in the workplace and other situations where the most common issues include dealing with stress and workload.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Neil Rodgers, Psychologist

“Claire is a very gifted group facilitator.  She creates a strongly held, safe and respectful space for helping participants to both discover and appreciate their strengths and to explore and identify where their values are leading them.  Skilled as she is, I found Claire’s personhood to be her greatest asset: she is graceful and wise and brings a finely tuned balance between head and heart to her work which inspires others to do the same.”  Team Building Workshop

Gary, Manager

“Claire is a true professional.  She provided a safe and confidential environment and made some perceptive and helpful suggestions for me to apply in my workplace.”  Multi-Rater 360-degree coaching participant

G.A., Administration Team Leader, NZ University

“I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Claire.  Having the opportunity to take time to reflect not only on our professional development, but also to redefine our goals and how we plan to get there, was much appreciated.  Claire helped me to identify my areas of strength and those which I can further develop, by asking the important questions in a supportive and thought provoking way.”  Multi-Rater 360-degree Professional Development Review coaching participant

Jenny, accountant/photographer (Sydney)

“I was feeling stuck in parts of my life, and I had been trying to work out my next career steps. Claire brought clarity and direction into my decision-making. Claire provided the space for me to talk about ME and what I wanted, and she helped draw out the answers that were within me. With her powerful observations, her direct questions and her deep soulful care for me as a person, I knew what I had to do, and I was off.”

Fraser, sportsman/marketing manager (Dunedin)

“ I found Claire’s sessions to be very helpful once University had finished. We clarified my sports goals and my focus on the job market. I enjoyed Claire’s approach that considers the mental, social and spiritual side of goal setting.”

Shelly, event manager (Sydney)

“Coaching sessions with Claire could not have come at a more crucial time in my life, and I have not looked back. Claire is extremely professional yet has this amazing gift of allowing you to feel secure, loved, inspired and ultimately that whatever you are feeling is ok. I was shown a way to follow my goals and work out what they actually were. I am a better person inside and out for my experience in coaching with Claire. I would recommend Claire in a heartbeat.”

Brad, Masters student (Dunedin)

“My time spent with Claire was insightful. Claire helped me realize that the rut I was stuck in could be alleviated through changing my approach and perspective, by reflecting on myself and how I had gotten to where I am now. Claire has an ability to make you feel comfortable no matter what the situation. I highly recommend Claire and thank her again for helping me to get out of my rut and giving me skills to live a fuller, happier life. My time spent with Claire still resonates with me.”

Verity, senior executive/manager (Auckland)

“Claire has a beautiful, kind and caring way of drawing out thoughts you never knew you had. I found her style both gentle and strong in guiding me through self-reflection at a much deeper level than experienced before. After meeting with her once, in person, I was happy to continue coaching sessions via phone. The tools and exercises Claire used were relevant and helpful as a framework to lead our discussions.”

Jules, graphic artist/designer (Sydney)

“I needed to address my issues around money and whether I should stay in a well-paid job or embark on a completely scary and possibly not financially rewarding new career.
Claire worked with me on identifying the barriers to change and my commitment to it. We focused on the goal but we explored so much about me and my personal foundation and my deeper creative passions – it was a lot but so valuable!
Now, I am following my bliss, balancing parts of my life, knowing there was direction and purpose to what I wanted most in my life. Claire has a true gift as a transformational life coach.”

Andrew, Counsellor (Global)

“I felt totally supported, safe and nurtured as I worked through my process with Claire. I highly recommend this deeply soulful person to anyone considering working on their personal growth.”

He aha te huarahi? I runga i te tika, te pono me te aroha.
What is the pathway? It is following what is right, with integrity and compassion.

If you want to find out more about how coaching can benefit you, contact Claire.

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