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Kaha. Strength.

7 November, 2022

Knowing your personal strengths – what is best about you as a human being – is powerful knowledge that can be used in many different ways.

It is valuable to identify your strengths.  Finding frequent uses for them in your work, at home, with family and in relationships, is proven to substantially increase effectiveness and happiness.

It can also be useful to know what other people perceive of your strengths, particularly when you work in a team that has a diverse range of people, all of whom contribute to the team and to the organisation’s goals, values and mission.  Knowing how others perceive you (and it may be just a perception) can help you to identify what strengths to build on that will support the team, and ultimately your own growth. 

There are 24 Signature Strengths, as identified by the Values in Action Institute.

For a list of these strengths and a worksheet to help identify yours, just email [email protected], and we will send you a copy. Or, you can complete the full test online through the Values in Action or Authentic Happiness websites. It is worth it.

Ask your Coach to take you through the strengths list. You should be working through the following questions with your Coach: Which of the strengths consistently show up in your life?  Which ones do you feel are an integral part of your being?  Which ones most reflect who you are now, not who you desire others to perceive of you? Be prepared for some interesting answers that come up for you. It’s tough work, but it is SO valuable, rewarding and freeing. I promise.

Kia kaha ~ Be strong, persevere xx

Claire Porima Coaching.