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How can Coaching assist organisations and businesses?

19 October, 2022

I am often speaking with organisations or people in business about coaching and what it can offer them.

What is on the increase is that many managers and leaders globally are becoming so much more aware of the power of coaching for themselves, and for their staff.

Me at ICF Conference, Sydney

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the pre-eminent body for coaching, and has research showing that coaching awareness is growing rapidly, as is the profession itself.  This was the theme of the ICF global conference in Sydney, attended by world renown leaders and coaches from organisations like Google  America, speaking and sharing ideas, research, knowledge and resources.

Google has had several “Search Inside Yourself” conferences, which are well worth attending for leaders and staff at any level who want to bring about organisational changes.  Check out the link here to find out more about SIY.

Organisational coaching is about being person-centric in improving well-being in the workplace, emotional intelligence training, holistic professional development, and resolving conflicts that regularly arise in any organisation.

The results that are reported include increased productivity, improved staff satisfaction and retention, higher functioning teams, wellness, and a host of other positive outcomes.

Business and personal coaching are different sides of the same coin.  The value of that coin, is the value an ‘organisation’ places on its people.

Professional Coaching facilitates a sense of contribution and meaning for employees, and this in turn contributes to an organisation reaching its goals and objectives. ‘A happy workforce’ is not a fluffy ideal in today’s world.

Many organisations also are recognising the value of 1:1 Executive Coaching, which supports personal confidence in contributing to organisational objectives.

This can help support strategic planning, conflict resolution, negotiation, decision-making, change management, leadership and communication.

Executive Coaching allows people to step away from their manager and colleagues and examine issues in a deeper and more authentic way.

Corporate well-being is dependent on high functioning, healthy individuals. By having external Coaching for its employees, an organisation demonstrates its understanding of, and commitment to, the health and wellness of its staff.

And that has to be worth a lot.

[republished 2022]

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