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Profile of a Coaching Client

12 February, 2023

Here is what a coaching client looks like and what she knows. She is:

  • forward thinking
  • conscientious
  • prepared to step away from colleagues, friends, whānau to explore what really, truly matters to her at a soul level
  • prepared to be challenged
  • agreeable to being held accountable for what she does, and what she hasn’t yet done
  • ready to be open when required, and protective also of herself
  • able to laugh at herself
  • willing to explore her emotions, even the ones that feel shameful, in order to bring out her strongest self.

Hear me roar

A coaching client is someone who knows that:

  • life is future-outable
  • action can be taken
  • they can improve or transform just about anything
  • the world can only change from within.

Coaching is for the person who is:

  • ready and committed to change
  • prepared to put the time in to make change happen for themselves.

A Coaching Client faces their fears, and knows that with every crack in the  facade, light pours in.

Do you tick these boxes?  Are you ready?

Kia kaha ~ aspire fearlessly


Claire Porima Coaching.