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Life Matters (and Quiz Part 2): A balancing act

10 May, 2022

You’ve probably heard many people say that their life is ‘out of balance’.  You may have felt the same way yourself.

When this comes up for you, it’s so important to take a moment to examine each part of your life – mind, body and spirit – to work out where this feeling of unease is generated.  It’s like doing a life scan: what’s going on, what’s the trigger, and what can you do to restore balance in this area?

All these questions can be answered, by connecting in with exactly what it is that matters TO YOU. What the actual truth of the situation is.  What lights your fire.  What makes you feel happy.  And powerful.

When I’m getting out of whack, there’s a lot of things I do to regain a sense of okay-ness.  Sometimes it takes effort; sometimes the right thing is right in front of me if I reach for it.

When I work from home, I find instead of reaching into the fridge for a snack, I sit at the piano, and play (mostly terribly), but when I get immersed in a piece, I could be at the Red Piano on stage in Vegas next to Elton.  (True fantasy!).

Otago University, Owheo River walk

Sometimes, I walk.  Or yoga stretch.  Or pull some weeds.  Or take a walk outside along the riverbank and just listen and observe light, air, water, birds.

We all have this thing that we can do that takes us back to feeling balanced and whole – and knowing what that is, is like coming back to centre.  What’s your thing that you do to restore balance in your life?

Here’s the second part of the quiz that gives you some thoughts to ponder about what matters in your life, what energizes you, and what fulfils you so you live a balanced life.  Your life matters, as does how you live it each day, in each moment.

Part 2 of 2: questions 9-16 of 16

True  False

9. Contributing to the world provides connection and purpose, so I give my time, energy and experience where it is most useful.

10. I notice and heed the emotional signals that tell me I’m out of balance: irritability, overwhelm, resentment.

11. If I feel that I’m catching a cold, I realize I may have stressed my immune system with over activity, so I stop and take care of myself.

12. When I need or want to, I say no to requests for my time.

13. I listen to and honor the requests my body makes for such things as a nap, a walk, green vegetables, hot soup.

14. If I have something planned for myself, I don’t just toss that aside when someone makes a request of me.

15. I’m busy, but I find time to do the things I want to do.

16. I’m happy. I regularly experience well-being, contentment, even joy.

Again, if you answered False to any of these, you may want to examine what is happening for you: what’s challenging, what’s triggering you, what is within your control, and what you actively want to change.

As suggested last month, try saying any of these statements (and those in the first part of the quiz) as positive affirmations, or write them on post-it notes and pin them up where you can see them every day.

If you get stuck, coaching provides the time out from other commitments, away from colleagues, friends and family members, for you to examine your answers in a professional setting.

Balance is something of an outmoded buzz word: but a life lived fully in each moment is what contributes to being ‘in balance’, and flourishing.  It can be that simple.

Kia māia – aspire mindfully.

Claire Porima Coaching.