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Oprah says: Change one thing

3 August, 2019

“… the most profound shifts are the ones you make on the inside..” Sometimes it seems like nothing works the way it should. You  have probably hit that point from time to time, where work is no fun, relationship is a struggle, or you don’t feel comfortable in your body. At times like these, changing your… read more »

Times, they are a-changin’

29 March, 2017

In mid March, Dunedin’s iconic chocolate factory closed its doors behind me.  I had held my final workshop (of 60) and said farewell to the last of some 280 people I had worked with over the last eight months. I handed back my swipe card, cleared out my office, gave the incredible union rep, Donna, an enormous hug,… read more »

Search inside yourself

25 March, 2017

“Look within; within is the fountain of all good” (Marcus Aurelius). “To thine own self be true” (Shakespeare).  “The world can only change from within” (Tolle). These are all inspiring quotes, and all fuelled my determination to head to Australia for the next phase of the Search Inside Yourself mindfulness-based emotional intelligence curriculum programme, developed by Google’s… read more »

Mini-break update

7 March, 2017

Q: Is a mini-break a mini-break if you are working?  A: yes, indeed! So in the spirit, but not the calendar, of 2017 mini-breaks, here’s what I got up to in February: The first out of town event was facilitating a workshop in Cromwell, Central Otago, for a team of people from the University.  This is the fourth… read more »

Ready for a mini break? Here’s your mini-break planner for 2017.

2 February, 2017

February snuck up super fast, and here I am already planning my next mini-break. Summer in most parts of the country kept many of us indoors, and so now, I’m looking forward to some mini-breaks during February and March when the sun shines. Happily, there is one coming right up: it is Waitangi* weekend here… read more »

2016 in Review & Welcome to 2017

13 January, 2017

Kia ora lovely! I have just finished writing this first newsletter of the year and storms are still lashing these fair islands of Aotearoa NZ; just this afternoon, I saw some of the scaffolding at the neighbours’ house blown off onto their lawn (I did alert them and there was no damage!).  I hope you are all safe and well wherever you are… read more »

Managing and Creating Change

24 November, 2016

The Wheel of Life appears to be a simple coaching tool, and then its complexity is revealed when it is explored fully as a strategy to facilitate change.  The Wheel tool invites you to take a deep look at your life segments, understand them better, and then make a conscious choice to do something new or differently, that makes you happier…. read more »

Coaching. Counselling. What’s the difference?

16 September, 2016

  “I need to tell more people about how much coaching has helped me move forward” – Client. My client sat back in her chair at the end of our session and told me that she had no idea that she could progress so quickly in one session.  She had busted through some barriers and… read more »

Selecting your Coach (or Therapist)

20 February, 2016

Do your research. Trust your instincts. Ask questions. These are three of the most important things to take into account when selecting your Coach. The way to achieve the true value of Coaching, is to have a positive, trusting, non-judgmental relationship with your Coach. It is a relationship where you are empowered at every coaching session to understand… read more »

Let’s talk. About what?

12 February, 2016

Not sure about what is talked about in a Coaching session? Don’t fret – anything goes! What I mean by this, is that while some general themes emerge in what my clients want to address, every single person is unique, and this means that every coaching session is different. There’s no one answer, but there is… read more »

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