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You have heard that Coaching is a proven professional way to accelerate your progress and avoid further, massive waste of your time and energy.  You’ve read about Coaching; your network friends are talking about Coaching; your mentors and your role models have Coaches.

No one does it alone – having a Coach to help reach your goals is vital for us all.  Read any biography on a successful careerist or entrepreneur and they will speak of the value in having a Coach on their side.

Smart people employ smart people to support their aims and intentions.  It’s an INVESTMENT in both yourself, and your business or your career.

Which is why I’ve designed the following  Three Level Coaching Programme to meet your different needs at different times.

If you are unsure about which is the best approach for you and your situation, book an introductory Coaching Discovery consultation (see the blue button above) during which we will explore your business and personal challenges, your commitment, and where you want to be 6 months and more from now.

You are someone who wants to make change happen, who is open to new perspectives and who is not afraid to be held accountable.  That said, it’s also about being able to connect, have fun, get serious, celebrate success, respect differing situations and challenges, and uphold your values.  My job is to support your success.  How cool is that?

So here’s an outline of what a Business and Life Coaching Programme looks like:


PROGRAMME PACKAGE INCLUDES:   Level 1   Level 2   Level 3
1 x 1.5hr Introductory Coaching Session + resources

4 50 minute 1:1 Coaching sessions (2 months)

8 50 minute 1:1 Coaching sessions (4 months)

12 50 minute 1:1 Coaching sessions (6 months)

Templates and Worksheets

✔(at least 4)

✔(at least 8)

✔(12+ tailored)

Accountability and tracking of goals

Coaching notes on request

As needed laser coaching calls between sessions (15 mins max)

One email booster between sessions, as needed

1:1 Mastermind Session within a month of completing levels 2 or 3

(30 minutes)

(90 minutes)

More bonuses to come…teleseminars, audios, interviews, group calls


What to consider:

You might be tossing around some of the following concerns:

✔ you are a ‘corporate escapee’, or you want to step away from your current situation to do something for yourself, but you are wanting the confidence to do so

✔ you want to start your own heart-centred business or are in the early days of setting up a business, or you just want clarity on what you are currently doing – and you are wondering about where to get help, direction and support

✔ you don’t want to sacrifice your identity, individuality, values or beliefs for the sake of success – but you need to work out how to fit that into your planning, marketing and way you do business

✔ making changes happen is scary and you value having someone who is experienced and professional to support you

✔ your revenue is not supporting you reaching your goals or meeting the expenses

✔ you are feeling overwhelmed by what you need to do

✔ you are worried that it is too hard or you don’t have the knowledge, skills or ability to set up, manage and sustain a profitable business

✔ you need to bring others on board, or you lack support and know you need that support to accelerate your progress

✔ you want a clear map for going forward

✔ you want to fill the gaps you know of, and those you don’t

✔ you know you need accountability

✔ it feels sometimes that your self confidence may be sabotaging your success

✔ you want the clarity, confidence and commitment for playing a bigger, courageous game

If so, this coaching programme is definitely for you.  Get on to it now:  make change happen,  figure things out,  create what you are passionate about… and it doesn’t need to be a business!  It could just be about making changes in your life.

Starting out

Schedule a Coaching Discovery Call with me using the button at the top of this page.  During this phone call, you can ask any questions and we will make the arrangements for your Introductory Coaching Session.

Instead of phoning me (and sometimes all the phone sessions are booked out), you can also email me direct to book your first coaching session.

In your first session, we will

– get clear on your current situation

– identify what’s preventing you from reaching your targets, or  getting started on making your vision and dreams start happening

– select which of the coaching packages will suit your immediate and long term needs, and

– you will get the reassurance you need that you have a Coach on your side (me!), who is 100% supportive and has the professional expertise and compassionate focus that YOU need to build independence, confidence and ultimate success in your business, your life and your legacy.

I’m super excited to be on your success team.



Claire Porima Coaching.