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What is Transformational – or holistic – Life Coaching?

12 September, 2022

A lot of us are puzzled at first by the language of coaching as we are, generally speaking, not used to hearing or using this language in our every day lives.  I often get asked – what do you mean by x,y,z term?

I can totally relate to the initial puzzlement about this, so I thought I’d explain some of the coaching language over a series of articles.  I hope this helps demystify things.

I remember being so excited and ready to start classes in the amazing subjects I had enrolled for at College.  It was like entering another world where students and lecturers used another whole language, with terms such as:

  • authentic living
  • transformational growth
  • delving into the transpersonal realm
  • life balance
  • archetypes
  • the authentic self
  • mindfulness
  • soul journey
  • vision quest
  • dark night of the soul

All of these are incredibly powerful concepts that required both academic study, as well as going through exercises and experiencing these states of being for oneself.

All this learning – the theory and the experiential nature of the course – serves to train a Coach to understand and relate to what their client is going through, in order to better support and serve them.  Changing the world starts by knowing oneself.

“We walk through the fire so we can assist others to do the same”.

But what exactly do some of these terms come from and how is it relevant to you?

Here’s a quick ‘briefing’ for you on  a particular mode of therapy that forms one of the foundation stones of my business.

Transformational Life Coaching is a term for a supportive personal approach, and a helping process.

It uses quality communication and provides you with a wide range of exercises that build a powerful alliance between me as the coach, and you as the client, for creating the opportunity for transformation.  The aim of this approach to coaching, is to help you to move towards living a higher quality and more authentic life.  That is, a life that is more real, and satisfying, and enjoyable to you.  Or – authentic.

The essence of being a Transformational Life Coach is being a companion and facilitator who helps enable you to live both your day to day life, and your unique life calling or purpose in life.  That is, being a navigator through life’s twisting pathways.

The transformative approach has a grounding in ‘transpersonal’ psychology, meaning, going beyond the ‘personal’ or the mask of personality that we often present to the world.

We all have this mask, but understanding it and how it serves us, or how it doesn’t, is how we can learn to live in the world in a more authentic way.

And there we are, full circle, back at the authentic self, again!

So.\, the Transformational Coaching approach integrates modern coaching concepts, theories and training, with spiritual concepts such as mindfulness, meditation, creativity, vision and life purpose exploration.

It is not based on any religion or belief system but is an opportunity for you to discover and live by your own values, beliefs and truths.

Not so puzzling or strange is it?!!  Enjoy being YOU and exploring ways to transform  your already AMAZING life into something EXTRA-ordinary.

Arohanui, big love


Claire Porima Coaching.