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2016 in Review & Welcome to 2017

13 January, 2017

Kia ora lovely!

I have just finished writing this first newsletter of the year and storms are still lashing these fair islands of Aotearoa NZ; just this afternoon, I saw some of the scaffolding at the neighbours’ house blown off onto their lawn (I did alert them and there was no damage!).  I hope you are all safe and well wherever you are in the world.

This (optimistically) summer newsletter is an update on the year ahead, with information about a few minor changes in how I’m doing business with and for you, and previews of some sweet coaching opportunities coming up.
I have also been reflecting on 2016 – it was such a privilege to share it with you. Three of the best things from 2016 were: I repackaged my Ira Inspiration Cards (here’s a link for you to find out more about these wee gems); I secured some exciting coaching contracts; and I travelled to South America to learn about different cultures, languages and people.

I recommend Peru as a destination! Here are some pics of me walking  Colca Canyon, at Machu Picchu, and at Lake Titicaca’s floating islands.



Firstly – thank you for being such a wonderful contributor to my business this year ~ I have enduring admiration at the strength, resilience, and creativity all my clients have found to stretch toward new goals, and to take action on challenges that once felt insurmountable.

My office

Over the past year, we have met either at my home office, or at the office I shared in Great King Street, or more recently at the Innov8HQ office in the buzzy precinct of Vogel Street.  Each office has a different vibe.The most important thing is that you feel supported wherever we are meetingIn 2017, for the first quarter of the year anyway, I will continue to work mainly out of Innov8HQ offices Vogel Street.

I will also have my home office to work from, and of course my online business (phone/skype/web) for clients based outside of Dunedin.








Booking your Appointments

I have discovered the hard way that keeping up with software upgrades is quite an important admin task for functionality purposes!

I have reviewed online scheduler options over the holiday period to ensure I have a solution that suits you and me, and that involves the least time being taken up with admin at the end of our sessions.  I’m staying with Timetrade for now, but will review it periodically.

This means you can use the link provided in your confidential coaching agreement to book sessions, or, email me to book a session and I will offer you some options.

Complimentary Coaching Strategy Sessions: Upfront free bonus gift for you!

In the past, I have offered a free coaching strategy call to people new to coaching with me.  These have been enormously useful for getting to know each other, for them to clarify and me to understand their situation, to experience a laser-coaching session, and to cover administration issues.

The good news is thtimetradeat I am going to continue these, and review this every 6 months as there are many other options online to engage with my community of fans. I have offered these laser coaching discovery calls  for ten years now –  and everyone I have spoken to has come away with something of value to them.

So, if you are a return client, or new to coaching, let’s talk soon – bookings are made by clicking on the button at the top of the Home Page on my website, or click on the link in the photo at the left to go direct to my scheduler.

New in 2017 – extended Intro Coaching Session + Sweet Offer

There will be an option for the first coaching session to be extended to 1.5 hours, in person or on the phone, to get really focused using a super sweet resource I’m offering this year to kick-start the coaching process.


This is a Well-Being Coaching toolkit in digital format for first time coaching clients.

It will have some essential coaching tools, checklists, and short articles.  And it will complement the brand new 2017 Well-Being & Self-Coaching Programme.  Both resources are due to be launched in late February (you’ll hear more about these in upcoming emails from me).

So now I’ve committed to these in writing, I had better get them finished!!  If you want to go on a list to get early copies, just email me

Group Coaching

1:1 coaching is brilliant for delving deep into your situation and designing personal solutions.  But for some of us, learning in a group situation is a collaborative and cost-effective option.  Maybe you are planning a team building session, and you would value having a coaching model or modules to support your objectives.  I am keen to share coaching tools and skills with you, and create a safe and enjoyable way to do that in a small group environment.

Te Ara Pathways Team Building Workshop ~Small Group Coaching 2017 ~

Tailored to group or individuals’ needs

Support and learn to ‘coach’ someone else

… and lots more!!

If you are interested, contact me to put your name down on a pre-booking list and I will send you information.  I will post more information on my Facebook page for sessions starting in late February.

Now, for a final wee sweetener – A Welcome to 2017 Gift – by clicking on this link, you will be able to download your personal Holistic Wellbeing Assessment.

This incredibly powerful resource will be one you can come back to over and over again.  It will give you insight in to different segments of your life, which areas could use some improvement, and the core elements for optimum well-being.  It is a great place to start if you are looking to make changes in your life, or if changes and challenges are presenting themselves and demanding your attention.  Explore by going inward first!

I really hope you like the Assessment.  It is a transformational life coaching tool for shaping your extraordinary life – the life you fully deserve.

Please share what your experience is with it, or send me any comments : this is an assessment that is going into one of the first modules of my 2017 Pounamu Pathways Well-Being Coaching Programme, and I’d love your feedback.

That’s it for my Summer Newsletter – for anything more, or any questions, just email me!!

I look forward to seeing you during 2017.

Arohanui, Claire x

Claire Porima Coaching.