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Let’s talk. About what?

12 February, 2016

Not sure about what is talked about in a Coaching session?

Don’t fret – anything goes!

What I mean by this, is that while some general themes emerge in what my clients want to address, every single person is unique, and this means that every coaching session is different.

There’s no one answer, but there is a particular way that a trained coach will approach each session, as well as a strong set of ethics underpinning the practice (ask your coach for a copy of their code of ethics, and make sure that it is from a recognised organisation.  I belong to the ICF which has a code of ethics for certified members.  You can view that here). There are important strategies, and professional methods for bringing about transformational change for every person.

And this is what makes coaching so fascinating for me as a practitioner, and, I always hope, revolutionary for my incredible clients.

I promised some articles to explain ‘terms’ and approaches in coaching: essentially to demystify what is an age old way of supporting people through change.

So what we talk about in Transformational Life Coaching, is your experience of your whole life.

This can include your awareness of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements of your life.

Transformational Coaching promotes the development of quality relationships with your inner Self (“who I am”), and with people in your work life, the broader community, our environment and world.

Coaching creates a ripple effect starting with you.

So, within this broader context, you get to select the issues you wish to address and those you would prefer not to at any given stage.

You may come to Coaching with specific issues or goals that you want to understand better.

You may have a hunch that there is more to life but you are not sure what that is.

You may have identified goals but have been unable to make them happen for you.

This is when you seek out a Coach or Supervisor or Mentor to work with you to get where you want to be.

In the process of coaching, what I do as a Coach for my extraordinary clients, is to shine a light onto areas of your life that might be inhibiting growth.  Areas such as:  limiting beliefs, habits that trap and prevent positive change, forgotten values, inhibiting behaviours and general fears and anxieties.

We plan strategies and for changes that bring about more clarity, confidence, and purpose in life.

That’s got to be something worth talking about, don’t you think?

kia kaha ~ persevere with courage and conviction


Claire Porima Coaching.