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4 July, 2012

“Flourishment” is not a word (not yet anyway – I made it up). Martin Seligman’s book Flourish, reinforces the value of living a meaningful life and further defines the factors that contribute to being happy.  Contact me if you want to use the dynamic of coaching to help you live your life to its fullest, and to find a way to break through the pain, grief, sorrow, conflict, doubt, guilt, and confusion that can hold us back from “flourishment”.

Martin Seligman – Authentic Happiness, and, Flourish: two books showing a dynamic progression in Seligman’s understanding of what happiness is, based on science, philosophy, research, neuroscience, and clinical trials.  The global “Mr Happy” of the positive psychology movement.  See also his website, authentic happiness, where you can assess your signature strengths, and test your own levels of happiness.

Dr Tony Grant – Director of the Coaching Psychology Unit in the Sydney University’s School of Psychology, Tony is the “Mr Happy” of positive psychology in Australia.  His research is shared in his book Eight Steps to Happiness, but you can bypass this and see the real life unfolding of the principles of happiness as it is for 8 self-professed unhappy people, in the 2010 ABC documentary Making Australia Happy.  

And then we have “Dr Happy”, Dr Tim Sharp, also from Australia, who is a passionate researcher and presenter on wellbeing and happiness.  Check him out.

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