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Coaching Leadership

4 July, 2012

Sir John Whitmore is one of the founders of modern coaching.  His book, Coaching for Performance – The Principles and Practice of Coaching and Leadership is a best seller and a book of choice for professionals, leaders, managers and Executive Coaches.

Tim Gallwey is sometimes referred to as the ‘godfather’ of coaching and his books on The Inner Game are required reading for leaders and managers wanting to improve performance in the workplace.

Co-Active Coaching by Whitmore, Kinsey-House and Sandhal is a useful coaching text book.

David Rock is the founder of Results Coaching, now called the NeuroLeadership Group, and has written seminal works Quiet Leadership, and Coaching with the Brain in Mind.  His latest book called Your Brain at Work explains how to be more effective by understanding your brain.

Carol Adrienne has written many helpful guides full of reflective exercises for self-coaching.  Her books The Purpose of your Life; Find Your Purpose, Change your Life; and Cheryl Richardson’s Stand Up for Your Life and Take Time for Your Life are excellent resources for the trainee coach and coaching client.

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